Writing Characters of a Different Gender: Some Tips, via my Writer's Digest Article

With each of my novels, I try to set myself a new challenge.  While writing my newest, Before We Visit the Goddess, I set myself two: I would write a novel-in-stories, and I would use multiple voices to tell the three-generational tale of Sabitri, Bela, and Tara. Additionally, some of these voices would be male. (So maybe that's three challenges!)

The male voices were difficult. I won't pretend they weren't. Women's voices just come more naturally to me. I understand how they think. How they look at the world. Men – not so much.


But I worked at it, and I worked at it, and I worked at it some more. And I was really quite happy with the result. I learned a lot about writing as I went through the process, and I've put it all together in this article, link below. Take a look. Tell me what you think. And if you have other ideas, please share them with me. Questions are also welcome. 

The Four ‘R’s of Writing Characters of the Opposite Gender