Photo Essay 3 Oleander Girl Tour: Book Warriors

A wonderful part of the book tour for my new novel Oleander Girl ( has been coming across people who love books, who tell people about them, who showcase them, who encourage reading, and who support authors by inviting them to speak at events that they organize. I thank them all for what they do each day for writers like me and our books. They are the book warriors!

Some of these are: John Evans of Diesel Books (LA and Oakland).

Elaine Petrocelli of Book Passage (Corte Madera, CA--Photo below)

at book passage right side up.jpg

and her wonderful booksellers Alison Bildsoe and Karen West.

Geraldine Hills, Phoenix Public Library.

Chris Skaugset, Longview Library, OR.(photo below)

Thumbnail image for at longview library with librarian chris skaugset.JPG

Adrian Newell of Warwicks Books, La Jolla, CA, along with wonderful bookseller Julie Slavinsky.

Joel Sheldon, Jennifer and Connie at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena, CA.

(Store photo below)

vromans reading.jpg

Will, Michael and Jeffrey of Annie Bloom's, Portland.

And Rick Simonson of Elliott Bay Books, Seattle, seen below next to the beloved castle in the children's section of the bookstore. 

elliott bay books photo with rick simonson.jpg